Growth in good works as opposed to right doctrine.

Show #417: Shhhh … Quiet Time with Pastor Wolfmueller


After Wolfmueller get done talking about his Quiet Time we play Is It Catholic Or Evangelical as we look at an article where three women marry Jesus and take a vow of chastity. We follow that with a game of Praise Song Cruncher for the song Greater by the group Mercy Me. Then we answer listener emails about Farmers Market Evangelism and Youth Leader Vocation.

Show #392: Unveiling the Apocalypse of Spiritual Disciplines


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after a few Buzz type words we play a spirited game of Which Ladder as listen to an audio clip from Hillary Clinton. Then we will review an article from Pope Francis in which he tells Lutherans to set aside their doctrine, which makes Pr Wolfmueller talk for a good while about doctrine. We close out this episode as we discuss a podcast that is about Spiritual Disciplines. Mediocre radio doesn’t get much better than this!

Show #387: Bumping Up Against Peoples Theology


Mediocrity at it's best ... This is Table Talk Radio!
Is God's love conditional or unconditional? On today's episode we attempt to to answer that question as we clear out the voicemail box (not really, but we try) by playing the Bumper Sticker and Church Sign Theology games. And if that is not enough, we accidentally play a voicemail that doesn't refer to a single bumper sticker or church sign. That is how we keep our reputation as the best mediocre radio show!

Show #65: You Might be a Pietist If...


You have to listen this week as we go through the top 10 list for, "You Might be a Pietist if..." we also play "Name that Church Body."