Google It

This game helps us discern popular views of theology. We google a theological term and talk about the top web site results from google.

Show #169: Google It


Going back to the days we used to play "google it" we also play 10 commandments in the news and also bumper stickers theology/church sign theology.

Show #90: Lenten Table Talk Jeopardy


In today's edition, while playing the Lenten edition of Table Talk Jeopardy and playing Google It, Pastor Wolfmeuller creates the Table Talk Radio facebook group much to Evan's chagrin.

Show #66: Old Time Games


It seems it's been awhile since we placed Google It or Who Wants to be a Theologian. So that's what we play in this edition of Table Talk Radio, finishing up with some Bible Bee.

Show #25: Casting Lots to Answer the Question As...


Pastor Wolfmueller has an Urim and Evan has a Thummim (ok, really just dice from Wolfmuellers Settlers of Catan game) which we use to determine the question and the church in which Professor John T.

Show #4: Google Theology


What happens when you learn theology by typing terms into Google? On this edition of Table Talk Radio, we find out the answer to that question.