Christian or Secular

After playing a song, we try to guess whether the song is preformed by a Christian or Secular band.

Show #293: Pastor Pierson Responds to Ehrman


Can you tell if a song you hear on the radio is Christian or Secular? That’s what Pastor Wolfueller attempts to do in today’s edition of Table Talk Radio. Then, Pastor Mark Pierson talks about his recent blog post which responds to Bart Ehrman’s new book “How Jesus Became God.”

Check out Pastor Pierson’s blog post here:
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Show #227: Church Creed Cruncher


In a brand new game suggested by our listener on an anti-social networking website, Bryan and Evan play the brand new game "Church Creed Cruncher" and then finish up playing "Christian or Secular."

Show #161: Christian or Secular?


After responding to an email about the use of romantic language in praise songs, we play "Name that Theologian" and Pastor Wolfmueller tries to identify songs to be Christian or Secular.

Show #115: Christian or Secular Returns


Christian or Secular, a game that has only been played before on TTR, makes it's return in this show, as well as "Are You Smarter than a Returning Vicar" with Evan as the contestant.