Which Ladder?

This game is based on Adolf Koberle’s book The Quest for Holiness and the three man-made ladders to get to heaven. Moralism (the will), mysticism (the emotions) and rationalism (the mind). After reading a quote, we will discuss which ladder the quote’s theology is trying to climb to get to heaven, and then talk about the Gospel of Jesus’ righteousness for man who is saved by grace alone.

Show #392: Unveiling the Apocalypse of Spiritual Disciplines


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after a few Buzz type words we play a spirited game of Which Ladder as listen to an audio clip from Hillary Clinton. Then we will review an article from Pope Francis in which he tells Lutherans to set aside their doctrine, which makes Pr Wolfmueller talk for a good while about doctrine. We close out this episode as we discuss a podcast that is about Spiritual Disciplines. Mediocre radio doesn’t get much better than this!

Show #385: Does Deepak Chopra’s Ladder Have A Gender?


Table Talk Radio’s Which Ladder Marathon continues! After some buzzwords, voicemails and a rousing game of Preaching to Hollywood we play some audio from Deepak Chopra and try to discern Which Ladder he is climbing.

Show #384: Most Influential Ladders in America


In Table Talk Radio’s Which Ladder Marathon, we roll the dice to listen to America’s Most Influential Pastors of America and discern are they telling us to do something, feel something or think something? In any case, they’re not telling us about Christ who has done all for us (ie. The Gospel).

Show # 372: A Man and a Penguin Climb a Ladder! Oh Yeah, Prove It!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will sink to new lows by discussing what it means to be a Bad Cow. My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma!

Then listener Peter sends us an email and asks Pastor Wolfmueller to Prove It when it comes to only pastors/elders administering the Lord's Supper.

Ever wonder Which Ladder will get you to Pureland? Yeah, neither did we! But a listener email will have us talking about it anyway.

In a 10 Commandments In The News segment we'll discuss how a man and his pet Penguin relate to the 7th Commandment. We'll also discuss whether or not a business is obligated to provide Muslim workers time to pray in their work day.

Finally, we continue our audition of potential co-host Pastor Warren Graff by playing another round of 10 Commandments In The News. He'll discuss the news that of a school in England instructing students to write an essay explaining to their families why they converted to Islam.

Let the mediocrity continue!

Show #339: Ghosts!


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, a game of Table Talk Jeopardy examines the mentions of "ghosts" in the Bible. Then, in playing the game "Which Ladder," we listen to a few pop Christian videos to see if any ladder climbing is going one.

Show #289: Why Jesus’ Last Words aren’t Status Updates


In today’s edition of Table Talk Radio, we play Facebook Theology with the seven last words of Jesus, then play which ladder.

Show #267: Super Game Disaster


Why suffer through one Table Talk Radio game when you could suffer through three Table Talk Radio games AT THE SAME TIME!! You're sure not to survive this Table Talk Radio episode.

Show #263: Translating Evangelicalisms


Ever had a difficult time understanding your Evangelical friends? Table Talk Radio seeks to resolve this predicament by translating common Evangelicalisms for you. That followed by a game of "Which Ladder."

Show #252: Struck By a Praise song


While avoiding being struck by lightning, Bryan tries to church "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens and "Your Love" by Casting Crowns. Finally, we listen to some interesting audio from Norm McDonald talk about his thoughts about God during the game Which Ladder.

Show #238: The Ladder of Toth


Needing an excuse to talk about a video we found, we play "Which Ladder." You should listen.