Are You Smarter Than A...

Similar to Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, but you work your way to excommunication.

Show #115: Christian or Secular Returns


Christian or Secular, a game that has only been played before on TTR, makes it's return in this show, as well as "Are You Smarter than a Returning Vicar" with Evan as the contestant.

Show #50: Are you Smarter than a Second Year Seminarian?


Even though Pastor Wolfmueller was unable to prove himself to be smarter than a first year seminarian, he wants to move up to challenge a second year seminarian. Afterwards, we play Table Talk Jeopardy.

Show #47: Are you Smarter than a First Year Seminarian?


Introducing Table Talk Radio's newest game, Are You Smarter than a First Year Seminarian with Seminarian Robbie Rojas. Also,Contemporary or Traditional.