Ten Commandments

Show #419: Atheists Say 10 Commandments Are Totally Stupid!


Co-Presidents from the Free From Religion Foundation host the wildly popular and riveting cable access television show “Ask An Atheist” in which they feature a segment “What’s Wrong With The Ten Commandments.” Who knew atheists wouldn’t like the 10 Commandments?

Show #411: Halle! It’s Table Talk Radio!


Answer the question without creating a new ministry, emails, church signs, bumper stickers—this episode has it all.

Show # 372: A Man and a Penguin Climb a Ladder! Oh Yeah, Prove It!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will sink to new lows by discussing what it means to be a Bad Cow. My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma!

Then listener Peter sends us an email and asks Pastor Wolfmueller to Prove It when it comes to only pastors/elders administering the Lord's Supper.

Ever wonder Which Ladder will get you to Pureland? Yeah, neither did we! But a listener email will have us talking about it anyway.

In a 10 Commandments In The News segment we'll discuss how a man and his pet Penguin relate to the 7th Commandment. We'll also discuss whether or not a business is obligated to provide Muslim workers time to pray in their work day.

Finally, we continue our audition of potential co-host Pastor Warren Graff by playing another round of 10 Commandments In The News. He'll discuss the news that of a school in England instructing students to write an essay explaining to their families why they converted to Islam.

Let the mediocrity continue!

Show # 371: Imagining Dragons, The Rapture and Trump, Oh My!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Preaching to Hollywood in response to an anonymous listener email question about the Mormon theology in an Imagine Dragons song. The END is near!

Then a "Robot" listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the doctrine of the Rapture! Gloom, despair and agony on me!!

Another listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play another round of Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the Tithe and the IRS! Cheerful??

Then we attempt to rise out of mediocrity, briefly, by playing a round of 10 Commandments In The News with pastor Warren Graff as our guest. He'll discuss Donald Trump and Socialism.

Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Show # 367: This Bible Bee is Particulus Exclusivius


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after a short round of 10 Commandments in the News, listener # 2 David joins us to play a rousing game of Bible Bee. We also learn just what Particulus Exclusivius means ... yeah me neither. Anyway, enjoy the latest edition of the most mediocre radio ever!!

Show #364: Come Experience Bumper Sticker and Church Sign Theology and be Inspired!


Do you want to be inspired? Are you looking for a movement to belong to? Come experience the best in mediocrity as we play Bumper Sticker and Church Sign Theology. This show is sooooo Swede!!!!!

Show #349: From Honeymoon to Mediocre Radio


What do you do after getting back from your honeymoon? You get right back to mediocre radio, what else! After we get a quick honeymoon report we spend the rest of the show answering your emails and discuss the 10 Commandments, tattoos, Gnosticism, Demon possession/oppression/troubling, Efficacy of the Word, and Choice in Heaven.

Table Scraps: Discussion with Dr. James Nestingen

Dr. Nestingen joins Pastor Wolfmueller for a discussion on Law/Gospel, the 10 Commandments and their social application.