20 Questions

Like the game "20 Questions". One person thinks of a person, place, or thing, and the other person asks 10 or 20 questions to figure it out.

Show #301: All the Worst


In honor of 300 shows of miserable radio, today’s edition remembers all those games that never made it to regular rotation. They include Church Father Or…, Page for points, and 20 questions.

Show #76: The Worst of Table Talk Radio


There are some games we play on Table Talk Radio that only make a single appearances. This is because they are really bad. In this edition of Table Talk Radio, we are bringing all the worst games back for one hour of horror. Listen at your own risk.

Show #44: Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Easter Hymn


With special guest, Kantor Kevin Hildebrand of Concordia Theological Seminary, Pastor Wolfmueller makes another attempt at the game Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns this time with the hymn, Chri

Show #38: The Pastor Brian Mosemann Ride Along


Dean of Students at Concordia Theological Seminary joins the Table Talk Radio gang to play a Law/Gospel--Bible Bee combo.

Show #33: 20 Questions


Remember the game where you think of a person place or thing and give someone 20 yes or no questions to figure it out.