Show #368: Preaching Doritos To Hollywood


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will answer some listener email by playing Name That Calvinist Confession (document), Preaching to Hollywood and a quick game of Bible Bee. Then we will see if we can figure out what a puppymonkeybaby is by playing 10 Commandments In The News ... Its all about those Doritos!

Show #356: Naming Bill Nye's Logical Fallacies


QUESTION: What is more fun than listening to Mechanical Engineer Bill Nye The (Psuedo) Science Guy give reproductive advice? ANSWER: Listening to Pastor Wolfmueller Name the endless string of Logical Fallacies that come out of Bill Nye's mouth. Now that's mediocre radio at its best!

Show #314: Voter's Guide


Getting ready for the mid-term election, we play 10 commandments in the news with an ear for the upcoming election so that we may rightly understand our duty as voters.

Show #291: What I Learned At My Pastor’s Conference


Returning from the Oregon Pastor’s Conference, Pastor Goeglein shares a few thoughts on the topic at hand, and as usual, Pastor Wolfmueller tries to make a game out of it. We also play “Preaching to Hollywood” with Pharrell William’s “Happy” and play “Create-a-cult.”

Table Scraps: Oregon Senate Bill 490

Hey guys, this is a show I put together for local broadcast. It deals particularly with Oregon residents, but I thought everyone might like to listen in. Please forward it to anyone you know in Oregon.

Show #191: Co-exist with KLOVE


Pastors Wolfmueller & Goeglein try to figured out who listeners of KLOVE are trying to co-exist with while Pastor Kachelmeier gears up for another game of Bible Bee against Pastor Wolfmueller. Will Wolfmueller finally defeat his Bible Bee arch nemesis?

Worldview Catalog:

Show #101: Games with Vicar Jay Hobson


Joined by Vicar Jay Hobson from Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Joesph, MI-- we play Book of Concord Bee (Vicar vs. Pastor). Then Vicar Hobson sings entries for Pastor's attempts at Don't forget the Stanzas to your hymns. Lastly, we play The Predictable Pastor and The Predictable Vicar

Show #96: Don't Forget the Lyrics to your Hymns with Dan Engle


After going to the phones to play bumper sticker theology, we play "Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns," with Dan Engle of Lutheran Time Out (www.lutherantimeout.org)

Table Scraps: Losing Our Religion by S.E. Cupp

Author and Political commentator, S.E. Cupp talks with Evan about her new book, "Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity."

Infant Slaves: The grace that is amazing for the sake of Christ

I just recently saw a movie that has been out for some time, but just recently had the chance to watch.