Bible Bee

The point of Bible Bee is to name the book of the Bible from which a particular quotation comes from. Each round gets progressively harder. First the quotation is 3 verses long, then 1 verse long, then 1 word wrong.

Show #20: New Nameless Game


Listen to this week's Table Talk Radio to hear their new game and to help Pastor Wolfmeuller and Evan to think of a name for this game.

Show #15: Name that Politician


Much like the game, name that theologian, we give it a twist and play "Name that Politician." This edition of Table Talk Radio includes Pastor Warren Graff from Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, N

Show #11: Which Century?


In Pastor Wolfmueller's latest attempt to try and make church history fun, we play "Which Century." Not before the classic game of Table Talk Jeopardy.

Show #9: Biggest Loser


What happens when you take the country's most popular preachers and put their sermons to the test to see how much Gospel actually resides in their sermons?

Show #5:Bible Bee


Right after a game of Table Talk Jeopardy: Audio edition, Table Talk Radio invites Rev. Brian Kachelmeier to play Bible Bee! That is followed by a new game; What's In Your Pastor's Library.