Bible Bee

The point of Bible Bee is to name the book of the Bible from which a particular quotation comes from. Each round gets progressively harder. First the quotation is 3 verses long, then 1 verse long, then 1 word wrong.

Table Scraps: Interview with Jennie Lee Riddle

Interview with Praise Song Writer Jamie Lee Riddle, author of popular song "Revelation Song."

Show #216: In Studio


In an attempt to keep up with incoming emails, Pastors Wolfmueller and Goeglein spend some extra time answering emails before playing Bible Bee, all in the TTR's Oregon "studio."

Show #214: Which Temple Did I Visit?


For Vicar's final show we play "Which Temple Did I Visit" and also "Bible Bee" Vicar Jukola verses Pastor Goeglein.

Show #207: Instead of Wolfmueller


Joining us today is Pastor Wolfmueller's summer vicar who plays "Bible Bee" and "10 commandments in the News."

Show #191: Co-exist with KLOVE


Pastors Wolfmueller & Goeglein try to figured out who listeners of KLOVE are trying to co-exist with while Pastor Kachelmeier gears up for another game of Bible Bee against Pastor Wolfmueller. Will Wolfmueller finally defeat his Bible Bee arch nemesis?

Worldview Catalog:

Show #183: Perseverance of the Listeners


After answering listener emails about the certainty of "Once Saved Always Saved," Lumpy is on the scene to answer the question, "Do Calvinists really believe that Jesus didn't die for everyone?" Lastly, we play Bible Bee with guest star Pastor Ryan Ogrodowicz of Victory Lutheran Church in Newark, TX.

Show #181: Crucifix or No Crucifix?


After responding to an email, Pastor Goeglein and Pastor Wolfmueller go head-to-head in Bible Bee with time leftover for just one Praise Song Cruncher.

Show #175: Lumpy Cracks the Case


Lumpy comes on the show to give us his conclusions to the question "Do the Methodists have the Sacraments?" Thereafter, Bryan and Evan play "Bible Bee".

Show #168: Trinity in Worship


After responding to several emails from Pr. Charmley, we welcome Pastor Brian Kachelmeier back to play Bible Bee and to talk about the Holy Trinity and Worship.

Show #160: Pastor Goeglein's First Show


For the first show as Pastor Goeglein, Bryan and Evan play "Bible Bee" and talk about the worship conference in Seward, NE.