Bible Bee

The point of Bible Bee is to name the book of the Bible from which a particular quotation comes from. Each round gets progressively harder. First the quotation is 3 verses long, then 1 verse long, then 1 word wrong.

Show #266: Bible Bee in the Vineyard


After two rounds of "Name that Theologian," Pastor Daniel Price of Trinity Church in Bentonville, AR comes on to dominate Pastor Wolfmueller in Bible Bee.

Show #260: Vicar Doulos


With Pastor Wolfmueller upgrading to the vocation of Vicarage Supervisor, we meet Vicar Doulos, who goes against Pastor in Bible Bee where his vicarage hangs in the balance. 10 commandments in the news and bumper sticker/church sign theology are also features of today's program.

Show #255: Bible Bee Re-match


Emails, 10 Commandments in the News, Bible Bee...Awesome.

Show #251: Lutheranism isn't an ism


Besides answering all of your wonderful emails, Bryan and Evan go head-to-head in a game of Bible Bee. All that and Pastor Wolfmueller gets on his soap box against Lutheranism as an ism.

Show #235: TTR's YouTube Debut


Table Talk Radio goes live. This podcast is the recording from when TTR broadcasted live on YouTube. The broadcast can be viewed at

Show #232: To Oregon to Shower Evan with Points


When Pastor Wolfmueller makes the trip out to Oregon, he has to pay an extra bag fee for all the Table Talk Radio points he gives Evan during this episode including Bible Bee and Law and or Gospel.

Show #226: Radio Clown Training Program


Launching our youth co-host training program, this episode features your voice mail and email questions and Bible Bee with star youth co-host Peter.

Show #222: The Offical Astrophysicist Show


Since Table Talk Radio is every astrophysicist's favorite theological game show, we have devoted an entire show for our listeners to give to all their astrophysicist friends.

Show #218: Call-in Bible Bee


After a buzz words and email, Bryan and Evan crunch a Chris Tomlin song and then have a surprise call in for Bible Bee.

Table Scraps: Interview with Brian Doerkson

Interview with Praise Song Writer, Brian Doerkson, author of popular songs such as "Come Now Is the Time to Worship," "Refiner's Fire," and "Light the Fire Again."