Chris Rosebrough

Curator of The Museum of Idolatry, A Little Leaven. Host of Fighting for the Faith on Pirate Christian Radio.

Show #406: Will The Pirate Conquer The Iron Preacher?


On this episode we skip right past Buzzwords and emails so Pastor Chris Rosebrough, The Captain of Pirate Christian Radio, can join us for a lively game of Iron Preacher against Pastor Wolfmueller. The preaching is based on Luke 22:47-53 and judging this game is Pastor Carl Fickenscher! AVAST (Be Steadfast) YE MATEYS!!

Table Scraps: The Nature of the Seeker Sensitive/Purpose Driven Church

What is the Nature of the Seeker Sensitive and the Purpose Driven Church? What ideologies back the movement? Is it compatible with historic Christianity? Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio draws lines to the historic philosophies that are behind these church growth methods.

Show #122: Name that Logical Fallacy


Table Talk Radio embarks on a brand new game called "Name that Logical Fallacy," before talking with Chris Rosebrough about his recent debate with Doug Pagitt of Emergent Church about the doctrine of hell.

Show #98: Worst Scripture Twisting Contest


After responding to listener email questions, we have a special judge, Chris Rosebrough on to decide the winner of the Listener Participation Game (LPG) calling for the worse example of Scripture twisting.

Table Scraps Live: The Emergent Church

Host of the internet radio program, Fighting for the Faith and Captain of Pirate Christian Radio joins Evan on Table Scraps Live to talk about the Emergent Church and it's false doctrine as it relates to the Holy Christian Faith.

Show #80: 2009 Idolatry Award Show


As our review of 2009, and for the second year in a row, we are joined Chris Rosebrough to be the judge for the 2nd Annual Idolatry Award Show to discern what is wrong with the marketing gimmicks found in the Christian church today.

Show #17: Table Talk Radio Idolatry Award Show


With special guest Chris Rosebrough, curator of The Museum of Idolatry, A Little Leaven.