How Big a Missionalist Are Ya?

1 Sola Missio (everything in Scripture is ignored except the words regarding mission).
2 Despise vocation.
3 Despise the sacraments.
4 Despise doctrine (the pure kind).
5 Despise Christian maturity.
6 Despise the ministry.
7 Despise church rites.
8 Use really trendy buzz-words.
9 The church is a training facility (to equip, but not give, sending, not forgiving).
10 The church is organic (not super-natural).
11 Movement, not institution.
12 Cost other people a lot of $.
13 Leads others to think in terms of emergency (crisis).

2-4: Missional
5-7: Missionorific
8+: Hyper-missionified