Table Scraps:Considering President Kieschnick's Pre-convention Concerns with Guest Todd Wilken


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The president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Gerald B. Kieschnick has released five video considerations before the 64th Regular Convention in Houston, TX July 10th though 17th. With host of Issues Etc, Todd Wilken, we take the time to consider the concerns of President Kieschnick just in time for the convention.

You can view the videos by clicking here (

Pastor Wilken and the LCMS Convention

I just finished listening to this interview with Pastor Wilken. I wanted to thank you Evan and Pastor Wilken for helping me understand the concerns of what is being considered and voted upon at the convention. I'll be praying for the delegates at the convention.
Claudia Kuiper

RE: Pastor Wilken and the LCMS Convention

You're welcome, thanks for taking the time to listen.