Show #94: Name that Theologian Audio Edition


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After reviving Table Talk Radio's Listener Participation Game (LPG), we play Name that Theologian with some audio clips and end up by playing the classic Table Talk Radio game: What's in your Pastor's Library?

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Contrition, faith and repentence

Good Afternoon,

I believe one of the buzzwords for this show was contrition. I've been a bit confused about the nature of repentance. Did Pastor Wolfmueller say that the two parts of repentence are contrition and faith? Sometimes I've heard people add another part to repentance, i.e. turning from sin and toward God or something similar. Anyways, just curious about this topic. Thanks for all your hard work.

Take Care,

John in San Antonio

RE: Contrition, faith and repentance

Hey John,

I had your question slated to bring up on Show 96, but we ran out of time. Essentially, I think what your bring up is another way to describe the same thing. So the Augsburg Confession says that repentance has two parts: first, that you are sorry for your sins and second, that you believe in the Gospel promise. What your bring up in your question I think is the same thing in different words. Turing from sin (repentance) and turn toward God (believe).

Thanks for listening to the show.