Show #83: Justification and the New Perspective on Paul


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After responding to listener email, we play the audio edition of Table Talk Jeopardy under the category "Justification."


In this episode, while playing "Name That Theologian" and blasting away at the new perspective, I guessed D. A. Carson when the clip was actually James Dunn. As it turns out, D. A. Carson is actually an opponent of the New Perspective, and a theologian to be commended for his stand against the "making scholasticism cool-again" new perspectivists. I am very sorry if my guess in any way hurt anyone's opinion of D. A. Carson, and I am grateful for the emails correcting my ignorance. While we often make mistakes when recording our show (one of the side effects of playing games), I feel that this one needed to be corrected lest we would break the 8th commandment and bear false witness against Dr. Carson. Lord's Blessings, Pastor Wolfmueller

Further Correction

While we're on the subject of Pastor's errors in that game, let me point out that Durham is in England, not Scotland. The fact the N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, is a Bishop in the Church of England, should give the game away. In mitigation, Durham is up North, towards Scotland.