Show #80: 2009 Idolatry Award Show


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As our review of 2009, and for the second year in a row, we are joined Chris Rosebrough to be the judge for the 2nd Annual Idolatry Award Show to discern what is wrong with the marketing gimmicks found in the Christian church today.

Thank you for a great birthday present.

My wife was very excited to hear my praise cruncher letter on Table Talk and listened to it considering it the perfect birthday present for me. She is a Baptist, I am Presbyterian and all we listen to is confessional Lutherans. We are going to her home country (the Philippines) and wants me to play table talk recordings for our pastor there. Beyond Korea add the Philippines to your country list.

It was a great coincidence that you read my letter on my birthday. HA! Not that I believe in coincidences.

Anyway, We both wanted to say thank you for your program.

We want to know if Evan is willing to enter a cross-cultural relationship. We know many women who would cross denominational lines to marry a radio celebrity.