Show #79: The Predictable Pastor


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Introducing the new game, The Predicable Pastor, where Evan tries to guess how Pastor will respond to different news clips. Pastor and Evan also go head-to-head in Bible Bee and end up by playing Ten Commandments in the News.

Great show

Great work guys. I just wanted to say how much I've appreciated your shows. I've listened to 7-8 of them now and this one was definately in the Top 5.

SSgt John Molitor
San Antonio, TX

Buzzword Thought

In "Predictable Password", Pastor Wolfmueller mentioned "dispensationalism" and I realized it's one of those terms that I have some ideas about what it means, but I don't have a good, solid understanding of what it is or why we call it dispensational.

I thought it might be a good thelogical buzzword.