Show #77: Emails, Praise Songs, Baptism


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In this edition we are joined by Vicar Brian Bucklew of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moblie, AL after responding to listeners, we crunch a couple praise songs, and talk about baptism. Vicar Bucklew wrote a newsletter article entitled "Baptism Works the Forgiveness Sins," which can be read here, under the "articles" tab.

How many baptisms?

I was baptised one time as an infant. Does it matter that it was in the Catholic Church?

SSgt John Molitor
San Antonio, TX

RE: How many baptisms?


Thanks for listening in San Antonio. Scripture teaches that baptism is the Word of God attached to water that bestows the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, if your Baptism was instituted in the name of the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (as the Catholic church does) then you can be sure that your baptism is valid because it was instituted according to the Word of God. Having been baptized, you have the full inheritance of life, salvation and forgiveness as promised in God's word by this Holy Baptism.




Excellent. Thanks for a great show.