Table Scraps: Religious with Vicar Pierson


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For this edition of Table Scraps, we are joined by Vicar Mark Pierson of University Lutheran Chapel in Los Angeles, CA (located at UCLA) to discuss the documentary by Bill Maher entitled "Religious."


Isn't it fascinating that these folk are always criticizing something no-one believes in, namely religion. Why? Because, if you take the worst parts out of every religious tradition and lump them all together, then you get something that everyone looks at and says "That's weird". Yes, because it's like those curiosities with taxidermists assemble from parts of different animals. It's meant to look like a freak!

I don't believe in religion, I believe in Jesus Christ. The Muslim does not practice religion, he practices Islam... and so on.

And it's obvious the bloke doesn't really want to get the truth, otherwise he'd have been interviewing Seminary professors, denominational leaders and the like, not men who dress up as Jesus in theme parks.

There are also many respected historians (I am the son of one) who believe the Gospels to be reliable.