Show #76: The Worst of Table Talk Radio


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There are some games we play on Table Talk Radio that only make a single appearances. This is because they are really bad. In this edition of Table Talk Radio, we are bringing all the worst games back for one hour of horror. Listen at your own risk.


The Ltherans shouldn't be too smug about the fact that Servetus was executed in Geneva. Melanchthon approved of it. The execution of antitrinitarians was practically an international pastime in the Reformation era, and just about everyone in Europe approved of it. They were wrong.

On a related point, Calvin was not a member of the Genevan council, nor was he, as a Frenchman, actually eligible to be a member of it at the time of Servetus' execution, as membership was restricted to Genevan citizens. Calvin was Servetus' accuser, not his judge.

The best of the Wurst

Not just a bunch of balogna, it's the Best of the Wurst!