Show #74: Vicars vs. Pastor


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In this edition of Table Talk Radio, we are joined by Vicar Mark Pierson of University Lutheran Chapel in Los Angeles, CA--campus ministry for UCLA. Vicar Pierson talks about the campus ministry work at UCLA, the internet movie "Zeigeist," then plays CACG with Pastor.

Listening loud & proud Down Under

Pastor Carl Thiele: I'm one of the LCA's (Lutheran Church of Australia) most recent ordained Pastor's this last Sunday (december 6th, 2009). I'm assigned to the SA/NT District waiting to be placed in a congregation.

I've been spreading the Goodnews of Table Talk Radio amongst the Seminarians here in Australia & now endeavor to let any other person know who is interested. Table Talk Radio (& Higher Things Radio) replaces local radio (except when the cricket is on) whilst I'm driving. Thus whoever is travelling with me gets Table Talk Radio!!

Love ur approach to presenting True Lutheran Theology. May God continue to bless ur work & those listening to ur show. Reading the comments, it is truly an international show. =)

Cheers & God Bless,
Pastor Carl

introducing myself

...just because you asked, Bob Myers, Milton, FL. Retired Navy guy, drives a construction materials delivery truck to help put groceries on the table so I am very thankful for your program and the great catechesis it provides. Episode #74 was great! I have heard an interview with Mark Jasa on a different podcast and think he would be a great quest for an upcoming show, or better yet, a full length table scraps episode. I'm thinking that getting his views and experiences on talking to people and teaching people how to "speak" Lutheran would be of interest to all.

Keep up the good work! ( just remember, Evan, it will merit you NOTHING!!)

...additional resources

...additional resources regarding Vicar Pierson's activities are available at , three titles under the title Declare and Defend. I've only listened to the 1st program and it seems they were struggling with some audio issues, but you will most likely be able to sort through that and benefit from the rest. Enjoy!

introducing myself

My name is Keith Hersch. I am a huge fan of the podcast! I am an English prof. at a college in Ansan, South Korea. When I am not teaching the glory of verbs, I preach both here and in the Philippines. Please forgive my being a neo-puritan. I can't help it, I was predestined to grow tulips.

Introducing myself

I must be the third listener! I am Pastor Gervase N. E. Charmley of Bethel Evangelical Free Church, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, England. And I would appreciate your not telling the elders that I'm a listener!

Announcing myself

I am doing this because you asked me to.

Announcing myself

Although I previously announced myself as your 3rd listener, I shall, y'all having beckoned me, announce myself again. I listen via podcast.

Dave Diers
Chanhassen, Minnesota

P.S. Vicar Pierson has a good voice for radio. Be careful who you invite as a guest. Evan may find himself without a job!

Co Host

Or me. Evan's always on the look out for other co-hosts. I think he looks at our guests as jpb interviews!