Show #72: House, M.D.


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In this edition of Table Talk Radio, after some listener response, we respond to a clip that appeared on the popular TV show House. Then we play Name that Theologian. This episode is also an extended version of Table Talk Radio, so you get more of your favorite Lutheran theological game show for less points.



Hey! Here's your one listener that listened to the podcast to the end. Like the Name the Theologian game. :) Never seen House so don't know how up to the minute you two are. ;) Love the Macarena - did you dance? ;)

Since I listened how many points do I get?

Great show - Yippee I'm caught up for the first time since the baby came 5 months ago! ;)
Jenn at Bull Run

RE: Points

Thanks for listening. 1000 points for making it to the end, and an additional 500 if you did the Macarena!