Show #70: Iron Preacher


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In this edition of Iron Preacher, the Iron Preacher and his challenger, Rev. Jared Melius of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Denver, will preach the parable of the Landowner. After that, Pastor Melius will stay on to crunch a praise song with Table Talk Radio.

Justice Rolling Down

Great show, Iron Preacher is always fun.

One of the things I've noticed since moving to a more traditional Lutheran Church and listening to Pirate Christian Radio is just how wonderful it is to hear sermons and discussions from multiple sources on the same passage. They are each different, but still all very consistant with one another.

And, in the same show, you crunched that awful praise song "Let Justice Roll Down" -- one of the songs in my old church that convinced me I needed to find another congregation. I was standing in church singing the song and when the "open your hearts to the poor and oppressed, then God will listen to you." came across the screen, I think I let out an audible "WHAT?"

I also like the new website.