Game Descriptions

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Name That Book From The Christian Book Catalog
Name that Article of the Creed
Myth Busters

There are all kinds to theological "myths" that are proclaimed. We take the Scriptures and apply them to the myths to see if they turn out to be "confirmed" or "busted."

Meme Theology
Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member

Given a few details about a person's believes, can you guess the name of the cult?

Lord's Prayer Imitators
Liturgy Bible Bee
Listener Response

We respond to our Listeners via our voice mail system (866) 851-5523 or email

Law and/or Gospel

This is a regular game on Table Talk Radio. After reading a quote or a verse, we deterine whether the verse is telling us what to do (Law) and thus showing us our sins or whether it is telling us what God has done for us in Christ (Gospel) and thus giving us the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting.

Kick the Dog Comfort The Child