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Name That Text From The Passion
Name that Theologian

After reading three quotes from a particular figure in church history, your task is to guess what theologian the quotes are from.

Name that Walther Thesis

In this game, you choose from three or four selected theses of Walther's Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel after hearing the entry by popular pastors or teachers.

Name the Commandments

In this game, we test our knowledge of the commandments as given in Luther's Small Catechism.

One of these things is not like the other

We look at different church's statement beliefs and compare and contrast what is the same and different among them.

Order the Events of...
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Play Out The Scenario
Praise Song Cruncher

Using an article authored by Pastor Wolfmueller entitled "Criteria for Discerning the Usefulness of Praise Songs" ( we listen to a praise song (or other Christian song) and read the lyrics and by asking the 5 diagnostic questions, determine it's usefulness in the church.

Preaching to Hollywood