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Church Father or...
Church History Headlines

The task in this game is to distinguish the false church history headlines from the one true church history headline.

Church Sign Theology

We've all seen those signs posted outside churches. But what is the theology behind those messages? That's the point of Church Sign Theology.

Contemporary or Traditional?

This is a hymn anylist game in which by reading the stanzas of a hymn, if the hymn was composed before or after 1750. If before 1750 the hymn is deemed, "Traditional" or if after 1750 then "Contemporary."

Create a Cult
Critique A Church Mission Statement
Distinctive Reviews
Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Advent Hymns
Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns

In this game, Pastor attempts to finish singing the hymns.

Evangelical Legalism