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Asking The Question
Beatific Vision

The ultimate direct self-communication of God to the individual person. A person possessing the beatific vision reaches, as a member of redeemed humanity in the communion of saints, perfect salvation in its entirety, i.e. heaven. The notion of vision stresses the intellectual component of salvation, though it encompasses the whole of human experience of joy, happiness coming from seeing God finally face to face and not imperfectly through faith.

Bible Bee

The point of Bible Bee is to name the book of the Bible from which a particular quotation comes from. Each round gets progressively harder. First the quotation is 3 verses long, then 1 verse long, then 1 word wrong.

Biggest Loser

As a service to the church, the Table Talk Radio weight loss program puts popular preacher's sermons to the test to cut the "fat" out of a sermon. We listen to the sermon and cut out anything that isn't Gospel so to see exactly how much Gospel is being preached.

Book of Concorda Bee

After reading a small portion from the Book of Concord, the contestant must attempt to name which document in the Book of Concord the reading comes from.

Bumper Sticker Theology

There is no shortage of bumper stickers out there; but what about the theological significance behind them? This is the purpose behind this game: we simply discuss various bumper stickers.


Casual Apologetics Conversation Game

Christian or Secular

After playing a song, we try to guess whether the song is preformed by a Christian or Secular band.

Christian Radio Heresy Buzzer
Church Creed Cruncher