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Prove It

Proving articles of faith from the Holy Scriptures

Predictable Pastor/Vicar

In this game, either Pastor or Vicar responds to an news item or teaching and the contestant tries to guess what Pastor/Vicar will say beforehand.

Preaching to Hollywood
Praise Song Cruncher

Using an article authored by Pastor Wolfmueller entitled "Criteria for Discerning the Usefulness of Praise Songs" ( we listen to a praise song (or other Christian song) and read the lyrics and by asking the 5 diagnostic questions, determine it's usefulness in the church.

Play Out The Scenario
Pages for points
Order the Events of...
One of these things is not like the other

We look at different church's statement beliefs and compare and contrast what is the same and different among them.

Name the Commandments

In this game, we test our knowledge of the commandments as given in Luther's Small Catechism.