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Youth Speaker Checklist

This is a checklist available on the Articles page of this website on "How to tell if you're being emotionally manipulated by a youth speaker."

You Might Be Anathema If
You Might Be An Antinomian If
Who Wants to be a Theologian?

Everyone would much rather be a theologian than a millionaire. This is your chance to progress from "seminarian" to "Excommunication."

Which Of The Three Estates Is That Destroying
Which Ladder?

This game is based on Adolf Koberle’s book The Quest for Holiness and the three man-made ladders to get to heaven. Moralism (the will), mysticism (the emotions) and rationalism (the mind). After reading a quote, we will discuss which ladder the quote’s theology is trying to climb to get to heaven, and then talk about the Gospel of Jesus’ righteousness for man who is saved by grace alone.

Which Day in Holy Week
Where's the Comfort
Where Was It Said?