Game Descriptions

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10 Commandments in the News

A news story is chosen, and a contestant must list which commandment(s) the story relates to.

20 Questions

Like the game "20 Questions". One person thinks of a person, place, or thing, and the other person asks 10 or 20 questions to figure it out.

23 Seconds

Listen to 23 seconds of audio and develop a response.

Am I a Man or a Woman
Answer the Question As

This game is for the theological experts only. When we roll dice for a question and for a theological question, our expert guest then answers the question from the perspective of that theological view.

Answering Listener Emails
Are You Smarter Than A...

Similar to Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, but you work your way to excommunication.

Ask a Ninja Pastor
Beatific Vision

The ultimate direct self-communication of God to the individual person. A person possessing the beatific vision reaches, as a member of redeemed humanity in the communion of saints, perfect salvation in its entirety, i.e. heaven. The notion of vision stresses the intellectual component of salvation, though it encompasses the whole of human experience of joy, happiness coming from seeing God finally face to face and not imperfectly through faith.